Information about Scams-Real Case Presentation with evidence

Information about Scams- Real Case Presentation with evidence



The criminal plays the role of the fisherman, while the user unfortunately plays the role of the fish … and often ends up in the pan of the fisherman.

Please note!

In the case of the user, the apparent benefit can also be realized in an action that allows you to avoid damage. Think of a message like this:

“Hello!  You have been selected for part-time employment partial / full-time. The daily salary is 50€-€2000, please contact Telegram for to accept work. + 40734431898.”

“We hire full-time and part-time girls and boys. Minimum age 18 years. Work from home online with earnings between 20 and 500 euros per day”.

“I promise you will win if you invest in our app a lot of money ! Need to work 10-30 min a day”. They will promise low risk or no risk investments.

The fish sees in the bait the possibility of satisfaction his hunger, with a delicious bite, while the user sees in the bait, the possibility of obtaining a concrete advantage, such as the possibility of “Take advantage of that incredible offer that will be valid only a few hours”.

“If you buy a package today you will have a 15% discount from us! Hurry up so you don’t miss the offer that will end today!”

If the fisherman aims to catch the fish the Cyber Criminal, aims to capture the users. Just like in our case with the MAFA APP .

After they managed to bring some users with discounts. Scammers used those people to advertise. They invested money in advertising, offices as if everything was real.

When they reached the target desired by the users, they closed exactly as we told in the first article.

The point is that after MAFA APP ended when you searched for the application you were redirected to another subdomain which is also owned by MAFA SCAMERS””.

This does not end here! It was found that there are several areas related to these subdomains.

Based on the information found we have attached a list of domains owned by MAFA / SKY scammers.

The domains differ each side seems to do business from money stolen from people.

Investment fraud is growing hugely and we advise the public to stay away from all this new trading platform. For those who are victims to this scams. I strongly recommend read the article from FBI ”Business and Investment Fraud”.

I will leave below a PDF file that you can download that contain all the domains that are linked to MAFA/ provided by SCAM ADVISER



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