Merry Christmas / Merry Fitmas !

Lotys Shop Merry Christmas / Merry Fitmas !

Wile you’re going to progress you will face a lot of things that will make it harder to workout!

And that’s I can tell you from my experience, It’s a lot harder to workout when you have so many temptation

Like food and cookies and so many candys  .That’s what I do all the time to stay motivated to stick to my diet and finish every workout!

There is only 3 steps

1 Always remember why you started training and what your goal is !

2 Ask yourself if it’s worth ruining your whole diet and workout for some unhealthy food that gives your body no benefit but just a pleasure for a few minutes..

3 If you start something go all the way within everything you have

This are the my most important rules that I follow


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