Online Testimonials About Scams

Online Testimonials About Scams


Nowadays we have to be careful when looking for work online.

Especially when someone offers you an easy job with a lot of money. You should know that most scams are making online on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, WhatsApp and Telegram).

In fact, there are many scam sites that ask you to watch videos, like or follow on social networks. They learn you how to do that by communicating with you via WhatsApp or Telegram. But they will never show up, identity or talking to the person who will be the victim of a scam.

From here you can see that they are not serious people. When you fall into their trap they will tell you that there is an annual or withdrawal fee so you can continue working. The people may will ask: “Why is this annual fee needed?”.  They will always have an answer to your every question “because we are looking for serious people to work every day”. Once you have entered the game and purchased a package from their platform / application. They will take the next step to convince you that they need as many people as possible. Because we have a large workflow and it is necessary to be able to continue.

Very Attractive Scams Offers!

They will offer high commissions to bring people to motivate you. They will make you promote their application and brand through social networks and even open offices to make it look as real as possible and pay in advance also through the application they use. Moreover, they have the application in the App Store or Google Play, which is 4+ years old. Everything seems to be real, a dream job with a lot of money in the long run. But in fact in the short term in the interest of criminals. When they have achieved their goal of bringing as many people as possible to invest suddenly. The beautiful dream is over and it becomes a nightmare for people who have invested and lost money.

These people are very difficult to catch by the authorities we are dealing with professionals who use Ponzi (pyramid schemes). But don’t forget that they use crypto trading platforms to collect what becomes very difficult for the authorities to catch them. It is possible to use your personal data to save them in their base date. We do not know what criminals will do after collecting personal data, phone numbers or card details if they have been used.

The most important thing is not to get into their game because you may lose your friendship, family or other loved ones that you have brought to invest. Even if you were at the head of the pyramid and you did money, there are some risks. There is a possibility that you will be blackmailed and threatened by these people if you do not give them a certain amount of money. Members’ searches revealed that they were Chinese applications, which means we may be dealing with Asian people. But behind these applications we do not know what it is – it could be a crypto market crash or a war plot. My advice is to avoid these people and applications that give a lot of money on easy work.

People who were assistants and earned money from this scam end up being threatened. Once they will be threatened by people who have lost the other side of the scammers. I attached samples from WhatsApp groups. We can see how the group manager threatens one of the people who certainly won from this scam but in the end,  we think well that this person has invested just like those who lost and in fact do not know the person behind this scam. As you read from this PROOF, they show that they used other people’s identities. That is, they use your image to deceive people through other people, so scammers are covered. That’s exactly what they want, people to hurt each other. But in fact the culprit will escape !

Threatening evidence of scammers
Threatening evidence of scammers
Threatening evidence of scammers
Threatening evidence of scammers

Some of the applications that fool people 

Check here -List of Scam Sites


1.” Sharing my very bad experience in pyramid applications. I am Ardit Novruzi, from Albania, I started in the Netcom world a month and a half ago. I was completely new to this and everything was weird for me. Earlier in my life. I heard a lot of platforms about how people lost their money online.  I was really skeptical about things like that.  But a work colleague, invited me to the world of Netcom. At first I was afraid I bought the package only VIP 1, for 365 days which never happened.

For me to work 365 days because the manager of the company after some time forced me to recruit people and buy other packages. Which as far as I understood was only a very bad investment platform. The idea of the platform was to invest and not to win then the company filled my mind with lies I bought at least the VIP package 2/3. But in fact I had no idea what I was doing and I was still scared.

During the time I bought the VIP 3 package and continued to work on this platform. This company limited my account, which I lost all my money to my friends and lovers. I advise all people across the globe not to invest in pyramid companies as you will lose all the money they are scams I lost a considerable amount of money they cheated us.
Thank you.”

2.” Honestly I don’t really want to say that now even though it’s scam and it’s Ponzi .I knew this from the beginning and I assumed since I invested the money. I expected it to come in the second day and be closed and besides that, I was among the lucky ones who made a profit in the MAFA  and me and all the guys put me in because I didn’t let them upgrade when things already seemed more awful… .So I can’t really throw stones now.

The problem is that after the MAFA there were applications like mushrooms and here the money is really lost. Because the world has become accustomed to making them easy in the MAFA but these last 2-3 weeks maximum and then it is impossible to make a profit. I’m sorry about the people who made loans to get into something like this, but the Romanians have met with such schemes in the past. They knew exactly what it was all about and yet the money they earned easily took their minds! Anonymous from Romania.”


3.”Many citizens had an unpleasant awakening this morning because the Grapefruit Media application, through which they earned a lot of money by liking the content, is a scam. This is confirmed by the fact that the application “broke” and is no longer active, and all those who invested money in it, were left without it. Many citizens have borrowed money, and some have taken out loans to take part in this application…”

News from Romania

“How can Romanians be fooled by fake applications that promise huge gains from likes? MAFA is a website, but also an app for the phone. Those who used it told us how they were fooled .”- click here

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