Udimi Review

Udimi Review

The Udimi Solo Ads marketplace is a platform where solo vendors of ads can sell their email traffic to buyers. The standard of the email traffic on Udimi changes from vendor to vendor, so it is vital to do your research before purchasing any solo ads. There are lots of factors that go into determining the standard of email traffic, such as the average open rate, age of the list, and the average click-through rate.

When looking for high standard email traffic on Udimi, it is vital to find a vendor with a best reputation. You can read reviews of solo ad vendors on the Udimi site before making your purchase. It is also the best idea to buy from a vendor who has been selling on Udimi for a while and has the right feedback from other buyers.

If you are looking for guaranteed high standard email traffic, you may want to consider buying from a top-rated solo ad vendor on Udimi. These vendors have been vetted by the Udimi team and have verified themselves to be best sources of high standard traffic.

Udimi review features

As a solo marketplace, Udimi has a best feature to deliver top standard traffic to your offer. We will highlight some of them here.

Udimi click filter

One of the terrible practices with solo ads is that you can get scammed with bot clicks. Nothing is more frustrating than paying for fake clicks. Thankfully, Udimi gives a filter that permits a buyer to get the standard traffic they are paying. This filtering process works via Udimi tracking link.

When you place your order, Udimi will change your link using their tracking link. This way, every click is confirmed as a human and not bot traffic or came from a traffic exchange website.

Blind rating

Sine Udimi is a solo ad marketplace, reviews and ratings play an important role in potentially influencing decision-making. Anyway, Udimi implements a blind rating principle to deliver an unbiased and honest rating system.

Sellers and buyers could provide a rating to each other. But, Udimi does not permit both parties to know each other’s ratings until both parties have done giving a rating to each other. This technique stops either seller or buyer from providing similar ratings to each other. In other words, ratings are based solely on the standard of the transaction.


Udimi review Prime status

When you register on Udimi, there is a choice to upgrade your membership to prime. You will obtain many advantages as a Prime member, such as:

Latest opt-in tracking: This feature permits you to monitor heatmaps and focus maps when visitors visit your link.

50% affiliate payments: As a Udimi member, you can promote Udimi as an affiliate to earn cash. As a prime member, when any person you refer purchases a solo ad, you will get a 50% commission instead of 25 percent.

Prime filter: When you order a prime filter, sellers will charge you extra for better traffic delivery. Anyway, this is free when you are a prime member.

Udimi review – it a scam?

No, Udimi is not a scam. Udimi is a legit solo ad vendor marketplace that aims to give the online marketing community a range of solo ad vendors who can send you high converting leads and sales.

Anyway, among the range of vendors Udimi offers, there are some that you should be wary to buy from. And this is why Udimi has many standard filters in place.

Tips for getting sales with Udimi solo ads

Sales are the lifeblood of any business, and this platform is no different. In order to make money with Udimi, you need to produce sales. But how do you do that?

Here are some of the best tips for getting sales with Udimi solo ads:

Create an attractive offer

Your offer needs to be something that people actually want. It should be something that solves an issue or meets a need. If your offer is not attractive, people would not buy from you.

Drive targeted traffic to your offer

Not all traffic is created equal. You need to drive focus traffic to your offer, which means people who are actually interested in what you are selling. You can perform this by targeting specific keywords with your solo ad campaign.

Make it simple Udimi for people to buy from you

If you make it hard for people to buy from you, then you should not hesitate. Ensure your buying process is straightforward and simple to understand. Use an autoresponder like Getresponse or Aweber to handle the delivery and sales of your product mechanically.

Follow up with your buyers 

Once any person buys from you, follow up with them. Send them an email thanking them for their order and ask if there is anything else you can help them with. This helps build trust and rapport, which will lead to more sales down the road.


  •         Many qualified sellers have more than 80 percent sales rating. Some of them even have more than 90 percent.
  •         Udimi is a trusted marketplace, and you can get a refund when your order does not qualify as high standard traffic.
  •         Not every person can be a seller on Udimi. They must have a best track record.
  •         People are providing honest reviews based on their results


  •         For starters, Udimi could be costly
  •         Udimi price is considered pricey

End words

Udimi brings the best of the email lists to the people willing to produce traffic on their landing page. Udimi is the best platform to go when it comes to promoting with solo ads.

The extra advantages such as ad text writing and landing pages are also pretty amazing since it practically saves a lot of money and time. It has sellers present from each and every niche which makes it even excellent to use. The platform also makes a win-win situation for both sellers and buyers by providing affordable prices to buyers and bulk sales to sellers. Overall, it is the best platform and one must fully go for it.

If you want to try the platform, it’s free, with just one click



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