Is the home of the biggest community of digital freelance program testers on the planet Try here is free. They give work related to bug finding, test case execution, and more. You get the chance to work at your own time and pace on different freelancer projects worldwide. Here you will be testing sites of some highly reputable firms like Starbucks, Microsoft, Tesla, etc.

uTest also gives an international community of crowd testers to interact, with free training for all testers.

Founded in 2007 by Roy Solomon and Doron Reuveni, the firm has maintained an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and near to four stars Trustpilot rating for over a decade.

It is a trustworthy firm that can help you earn cash on a flexible schedule.

How uTest works

When you participate in the uTest community, you can apply for any project that is posted on the user platform.

If you are selected and qualified for a project – called a “test cycle”, you will get access to an application to begin testing.

There are 3 primary ways software testers can earn money on the uTest platform, which we will explain below.

Finding bugs

The most general way that testers can earn money on uTest is by submitting one of 5 types of bugs:

  •         Crash bugs, which include mobile applications frozen and abruptly website pages
  •         Content bugs, which include poor translations and grammar.
  •         Performance bugs, which include sluggish interfaces and slow loading
  •         Functional bugs, which include unresponsive buttons and broken links
  •         Visual bugs, which contain inconsistent and misaligned colors

Users are paid per bug that is found and verified

Test cases

This generally means that you will ask to confirm that a bug exists or that a bug has been fixed.

These tend to pay less than bug submissions, but they are still a chance to earn.

In rare cases, you may be asked to write a scratch test case.

To be invited to this type of project, you must have completed a related course through the “uTest Academy,” which you can access on your user platform. The academy can assist you in developing your QA expertise.

Usability surveys

Finally, you may be asked to do a usability test instead of a standard test.

If this happens, you will be given a survey to complete.

This survey will ask you about the full user interface of whatever software or app you were assigned.

Much like test cases, you are paid per usability survey you do.

How much can you earn?

After doing the hard job and taking all the pain, what matters the most is money. Anyway, there is no set amount but the pay is variable and it depends upon the jobs you get.

Some Glassdoor reviews say the salaries can range from $3 to $18 with an average pay of $11 per task. This is pretty acceptable because if we see the rivals like user testing and try my UI they pay $10 per test.

You can make a withdrawal through Payoneer or PayPal.

Is uTest legit?

uTest is a site testing platform that will pay you for testing out software and sites. Rated 4.4 on Trustpilot, 4.0 on Cuspera, and 3.0 on Google Play Store.

Initially, most users gave the platform positive ratings, describing it as a legitimate and trustworthy website. They pointed out that it might take some time to become familiar with the platform, but once you do, you’ll receive invitations for more projects.

The site offered them a chance to learn and earn at the same time. Unfortunately, some users feel that it gives limited earning opportunities. Others were also unhappy that it takes a bit of time to learn and begin earning.

Is uTest worth it?

uTest is a trusted site that pays freelancers to test software, hardware, and app tests on many devices. If you are patient enough, you can make up to $50 and, in some rare cases, over $1000 depending on the project.

If you have the expertise, uTest can be a way to earn some extra cash. Just don’t expect to make a lot at the start because there will not be a lot of testing projects for you to earn at first.


  •        The forum helps new testers ask questions and learn the job.
  •        The website provides online training to enable you to learn how to perform the job and grasp what is expected of you.
  •        A few of the testing cycles are fast and simple. Anyway, you need the best device and live in the right state or country for the test.
  •        This is the best firm to work for if it is your first time being a tester. The company will help you learn what is expected of a tester and build your self-esteem.


  •         After spending many hours on a test, it is totally rejected, and you are not paid.
  •         The system is unorganized and lots of test instructions are confusing.


Is uTest free?

uTest is free to download and use.

Where uTest is accessible?

uTest is open to users worldwide.

How to download uTest mobile applications?

To download the uTest mobile app, go to Google Play and click download. Next, download and install the application.

Is uTest a scam?

uTest is not a scam, but a legitimate site that pays freelancers for testing sites and programs.

Is your information safe with uTest?

uTest processes personal data just in accordance with data protection needs, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the EU-US Privacy Shield. Moreover, we implement these measures to ensure the secure transfer of personal data to third-party countries. Furthermore, rest assured that we keep your data safe and sound.

End words

uTest is a site that is legitimate and pays freelancers to do software, hardware, and app tests on a range of different devices. This firm hires freelancers worldwide to join its testing community. To become a tester, you need to sign up with the firm and complete your profile image. It is vital that you join the Sandbox project and complete this project. Depending on how you do in the project, will plan how many tests you are invited to.

If you want to try the platform, it’s free, with just one click



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